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Appliance Repair in Sun City, AZ

Each appliance serves a key function in your home. Without just one appliance, you’ll be forced to pick up manual work and spend extra time that you don’t have in the middle of your busy day on chores. But The Bargain Busters are here to assist with appliance repair in Sun City, AZ! The moment you notice something wrong with your stove, fridge, washing machine, or other appliance, give us a call at (602) 833-2028. We specialize in repairs, maintenance and installation for both kitchen and laundry appliances.

What sets us apart? We’d like to think it’s the personal approach we take whenever helping a customer. Our business is family-owned, passed through multiple generations, and we see the Greater Phoenix area as an extension of that family. We pass on the best deals on appliances, offer same-day repairs, and do our best to provide exceptional customer service.

Same-Day Appliance Repair Services

We specialize in a number of different appliances that you use on a daily basis. Whenever an appliance malfunctions, give us a call as soon as possible. Do not continue to use it, especially if you suspect it needs repairs. Using a broken appliance could further damage internal parts or lead to more severe problems.

We do our best to inspect and repair your appliance same-day. That way, whether you prefer to go golfing or see a show at the Sun Bowl Amphitheater, you can get back to your life and the activities you enjoy.

Refrigerators & Freezers

We offer thorough repair and maintenance for both fridges and freezers. Some common issues we see for these appliances include faulty door seals, blocked vents, improper temperature regulation, dirty condenser coils, and issues with the condenser or evaporator fans. We’ll also repair your icemaker if it no longer works.

Ideally, if we’re able to keep your fridge in good shape, it should last around 15 years, although this may depend on the type of fridge you have. If your fridge is 10 to 15 years old (or older) and has not had regular maintenance, it may be time to replace the old model with a newer option.


There are a host of reasons dishwashers may not work, including problems with the drive or internal components, an issue with the hose or pump, clogged filters, or even a failing drainage system. Ultimately, you’ll notice your dishwasher just isn’t working the way you want it to when one of these parts does not function as expected. This may result in a leaking dishwasher or a dishwasher that does not drain, which can be an absolute hassle!

Luckily, The Bargain Busters offer same-day appliance repairs in Sun City for problems like these. When your dishwasher is leaking water and suds on your floor, call us for a quick response.

Washers & Dryers

A washer might have a clogged or disconnected hose, broken bearings, or a faulty door latch, among other problems. Dryers can have broken heating elements, a dying motor, or clogged ventilation.

Of course, it’s always worth checking some basics before giving the pros a call. If your washer and dryer won’t turn on at all, make sure they’re plugged into the outlet properly. It’s not unusual for a washer to move during cycles, and this can occasionally dislodge the plug from the outlet.

Garbage Disposal

Did you know that it’s possible to reset your garbage disposal? There should be a reset button on the bottom of the disposal. If resetting it does not solve your problem, it may be time to call for appliance repair in Sun City, AZ.

A garbage disposal can malfunction for a number of reasons, including drain clogs, faulty seals in the pipe connections, or a jam in the mechanism. Be careful not to let utensils or other objects fall into the disposal, as this will likely cause a jam.

Stoves & Ovens

Electric stoves and ovens encounter a different set of issues than gas appliances. The wiring could be faulty for an electric oven or stove, or the heating elements might break. With a gas stove or oven, there could be something wrong with the gas connection or the igniter. When you suspect something is wrong with your stove or oven, call up The Bargain Busters at (602) 833-2028 for same-day appliance repair.

Easy Appliance Installation

We do more than just repairs! We also offer appliance installation in Sun City, whether you need to replace a broken stove, or you just moved somewhere new and want to install a washer and dryer. Trust the technicians who have extensive experience repairing and maintaining appliances to do the important work of installing them too.

Cost-Saving Maintenance Plans

Don’t sleep on our maintenance plans for kitchen and laundry appliances. Signing up for a maintenance plan saves you money in the long run, as the team at The Bargain Busters will perform inspections for you on a regular basis, whether you live in Rancho Estates, Newlife, Citrus Point, or beyond. We check to make sure your appliances are running as expected, make adjustments if anything seems out of the ordinary, and catch minor problems before they become major.

Contact us online or call (602) 833-2028 to learn more or to schedule an appointment for your appliance repair.