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What Can You Store in Your Freezer Just for Convenience?

Many people take their freezers for granted and don’t appreciate just how miraculous they are. A freezer saves time and money since you don’t have to constantly run back and forth to the store to buy meat, seafood, and other products that need to be cooked and eaten fairly quickly before they go bad. Thanks to your freezer, some of these items can keep for a year or more and still taste fresh when they’re finally served. But the freezer can serve other, craftier purposes, too. Here are some of the items you might think to store there.

Freeze Your Important Documents and Other Valuables

Put your important documents such as homeowner’s insurance and birth certificates in a freezer bag, and pop them into the freezer. You can also do the same for valuables such as jewelry and even money. The cold air won’t hurt them as long as they’re protected, and a burglar most likely won’t think to look in your freezer for something to steal. Another benefit is that your fridge and freezer are fire-resistant, so if the worst happens, you’ll still have those vital papers and heirlooms.

Prepare Meals With Ease

One of the great benefits of having a freezer is that it can save you loads of time preparing meals. So many types of meals, from soups and stews to cakes and pies, freeze beautifully. Make these dishes ahead of time, and then let them cool down to room temperature. Wrap them in a way that makes them air-tight, mark them with the date and name of the meal, and pop them into the freezer. This will be a real blessing on those days when you just don’t feel like cooking or unexpected guests show up.

Freeze Your Clothes

One day when you open your closet, you may discover your favorite sweater has tiny holes in it. This is the work of moths. If you suspect that moths have gotten into your clothing, you can wrap the items of clothing into a freezer-safe bag and place it in your deep freezer. The freezing temperatures can help to kill moth eggs and prevent them from doing further damage to your belongings.

Freeze Your Wedding Cake

Many wedding cakes freeze surprisingly well, and there’s no reason that you can’t freeze what’s left of your wedding cake after the big day. Enjoy what’s left of your wedding cake on your anniversary, or take a page out of the royal family’s book. They store their wedding cakes, and then use them to celebrate the christenings of their children.

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