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5 Fall Foods That Aren’t Fun for Your Garbage Disposal

Fall and food go together for a bunch of different reasons, so it’s no secret that this season is hard on plumbing fixtures and appliances. The garbage disposal is usually the first line of defense against food waste and is often the first victim. That’s why you need to take the time to learn about some of the common foods that shouldn’t be going in there and make a practice of putting them in the trash instead.

1. Fruit Peels and Seeds

Fruit peel and seeds are some of the most common causes of domestic garbage disposal failure. Anything from peeled apple skin to discarded citrus rind can block disposals and damage the components. These items also present a clogging risk even if they do pass through the disposal unit without issue. Seeds should also go in the garbage because they don’t process well or pass through pipes easily.

2. High-Fiber Waste

Any bulk quantity of high-fiber vegetables should go in the can instead of the disposal. Stalks of celery, strands of cooked spinach and other stringy plant material can wreck your disposal unit if you aren’t careful. They are also common culprits in kitchen drain clogs because they take a long time to break down and trap other debris that passes by.

3. Oil and Grease

Almost everyone knows not to dump grease down the sink, but this really includes any kind of oil, grease or fat. Due to the nature of the chemical bonds in these substances, they can turn from liquid to solid at relatively high temperatures. This means they may wash down the sink just fine, but harden against the interior of the pipe and obstruct the flow further along the system.

4. Meat Fats

A normal piece of chicken or fish should be able to pass through a disposal without issue, but the same can’t be said for heavier meats like beef and pork. It’s best to discard solid chunks of meat in the trash instead of the sink, especially when it could contain bits of gristle or fat.

5. Rice and Pasta

A few grains aren’t a big deal, but you shouldn’t put either rice or pasta into the sink in bulk. These foods retain moisture and expand over time. This makes them a serious threat to your plumbing system even if they pass through the garbage disposal without causing a clog.

Get Your Garbage Disposal Back in Action

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