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Great Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most-used and hard-working appliances in the home. It’s opened daily and has to deal with constant spills, unpleasant smells and overcrowding. To successfully spring clean your fridge, you need to do more than toss out expired food. It can be beneficial to disinfect, check the coils, deodorize and more. Here’s how you should get your refrigerator ready for the new season.

Empty Your Fridge

Before you start your spring cleaning routine, unplug the fridge and empty all of its contents onto your counters. This will make it easier to pull out shelves and vacuum any physical debris from the bottom. Take this time to check both the fridge and freezer for any mold growth or physical damage. Make sure ice isn’t accumulating anywhere and that you’ve dug out any hidden foods that have fallen between the shelves.

Wipe Shelves and Drawers

With the appliance empty, you can easily wipe down the door and shelves. Many refrigerators have pull-out drawers that make it easy to wash them in a sink or tub. Don’t neglect to sanitize the interior walls that may have collected food splatter or debris. You’re welcome to use an all-purpose, anti-bacterial spray or a homemade mixture of vinegar and dish soap.

Clean Exterior

Be sure to wash the exterior doors and sides of your refrigerator. Cleaning stainless steel appliances can be tricky when you’re trying to avoid causing damage and leaving streaks. Fortunately, you can use a microfiber towel and a specialized cleaner. Never use glass- or alcohol-based cleaners that may discolor the appliance. It’s also not recommended to use homemade oil mixes that will collect floating debris like dust.

Wipe Down Compressor Coils

Your fridge’s compressor coils are often located either on the back or toward the bottom of the appliance. These coils are key to your fridge’s cooling process. Over months of use, they can collect dirt and grime, which makes the appliance less efficient. Boost your fridge’s usefulness by vacuuming any loose debris from around the coils. You can also gently dust or wipe them down.

Organize Your Fridge

After your refrigerator is clean, return your cold items inside. This is a great time to sort through your food and throw away any expired goods. Consider implementing a helpful organizational system. Arranging your foods based on when they’re supposed to be eaten or when they expire will make it easier to avoid waste. Additionally, you’ll have a better time minimizing spills due to overcrowding.

Thoroughly cleaning your fridge can make a world of difference to your household’s daily schedule. Contact The Bargain Buster Appliance Sales and Service when you need refrigerator or freezer service in Phoenix, AZ.

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