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At The Bargain Busters, we provide new appliances at a discounted price. Whether you are in the market to remodel your home and looking for a full array of appliances or are just replacing one, we can help you out from start to finish. You can do all the shopping yourself and come to us with a model number to see what pricing we offer, or we will help you find something that suits your needs depending on what you are looking for. Optionally, we can also do the shopping for you, see what is in inventory, deal with the sales teams at your big box stores, and set up everything to have it delivered and your old appliance hauled away if needed. 

We operate through Lowe’s and Spencer’, as we can get better prices due to the volume we purchase from them. We use their inventory; it will be purchased through either one of those companies and is brand new with a full manufacturer’s warranty. The appliances are delivered and installed by whichever company has the best option for you.

We provide the total cost for the appliance, taxes, delivery, installation, and haul away of the old unit with whatever accessories are needed for the installation. We collect payment and forward it to secure the purchase and delivery of the appliance(s). We are always available as a liaison moving forward past the date and installment of the appliance.

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